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Ebook Searcher M(ulti) L(anguages) M(ode)

Search and find your ebooks !

This is the multi-languages mode of Ebook-Searcher !
We will search in all the websites that are in our databases, regardless of the language. If we can find you ebook, you will. But the search can be a bit longer, given that we must request a lot of servers.

We are going to improve this mode in the previous months and year.

By the way we need your help : if you know a website that allows people to download ebooks (in any langagues) please send us the link of it on the dedicated page. Thanks a lot ! :)

Why did we create this mode ?

First of all we'd like to make Ebook Searcher available for all, no matter of the country or the language. Then we thought that French user could search for non-french ebooks, while the websites we're crawling are mainly French. Same thing for the english user.

But don't worry, for this mode like for the other we're manually checking the websites to be sure they are not scam and they allow you to download ebooks.