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If you have been looking for "illegal free ebook download" or "illegal ebook download" or "where to download free ebooks illegal" this site is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are afraid of being ripped off by surfing the Internet to find free ebooks then this site is for you! Whether you are a former sharer (formerly toutbox) or from another community whose site/blog has closed, this site will not replace your sharing place but will search for you the different sites, blogs or sharing forums. Thanks to these you will be able to get your free book !

This book search engine only redirects to free ebook download sites (best free ebook sites)

In summary if you want to download a free ebook you are on the right site however remember that downloading an ebook that you have not previously paid for (you can buy them on sites like Fnac or Amazon) is illegal.

Ebook compatibility

Books downloaded in epub format are compatible with Booken, Kobo (from Fnac), Nolim, PocketBook or Vivlio, but you will need to use software such as Calibre to be able to read them on Amazon's Kindle readers. You can also read these ebooks on the phone, with any application dedicated to reading on Android or iOS.

Book categories

The sites on which carries out its research offer ebooks in all literary genres: fiction, fantasy, crime novels, news, theatre pieces...

In a nutshell, Ebook Searcher allows you to download free epub books online.